Do you accept typing jobs from home? Are you perhaps looking to expand your sources for work? Property Typing- your number one source for reliable transcription jobs in the UK property industry- has the following advice for you.

How do I narrow down the many transcription jobs out there?

Typing jobs from home seem to be everywhere these days. A simple search, and you’ll be flooded with options. How do you know which are safe and reliable and will allow you to work from home fairly, and which ones are scams?

What work do you want to do, firstly?

Start by knowing exactly what typing job you want, for a start. There are transcription jobs like those we offer, where you will take audio files and capture them as text, then there are plain typing jobs from home, where you may be given handwritten documents to work with as your source. Then there are specialised fields of transcription, like that in the medical and legal fields, and our own property niche. Knowing how your strengths and abilities line up with the market will help you find the right transcription jobs for you.

Avoid scams and do your research

Next, it’s time to get your scam scanner out. If it sounds too good to be true, believe us, it is. Many of the benefits in typing jobs from home are intangible- the fact you work from home, the extreme flexibility to work as you want and need, and more. While recompense is fair, it’s not exceptional, and this isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ industry. If you see adverts or even agencies promising the world, stay far away.

Likewise, ‘pay to work’ schemes are usually scams and in fact illegal in some corners of the world. Remember to keep basic internet safety protocols in place too- never give away personal details that could get you doxed, and never give out your financial information willy-nilly. It’s rare to even need to give a tax number for most platforms as they expect you to handle this aspect yourself. Larger freelancer platforms may need it, however, but do your research on their legitimacy first. You will need to provide a way to get paid- Paypal can be a great intermediary if you are concerned, and again do your research and be wary if the topic of your personal details comes up too early in the discussion. Stay far, far away so you don’t lose out.

Learn how to present yourself well

Know how to sell yourself, too. Because transcription jobs need no special qualifications, it can be a crowded market. Take the time to create a visually appealing, comprehensive cv/portfolio of your work, and work on a pitch that makes you stand out from the rest. List all your skills, and learn the art of the ‘soft sell’

Keep your chin up

Lastly, have a good attitude- especially when dealing with clients and potential agencies, but in general too. Working for yourself is, as we said, not a ‘get rich quick’ style of work. You can make a great success of yourself with transcription jobs, however, if you keep positive and look to the future, and potential sources of work and clients will pick up on how you yourself feel. Emit ‘good vibes’ for the best results.

Where can I look for typing jobs from home?

Now you know how to go about getting the transcription jobs you want, and how to work from home safely, let’s look at how to find work for yourself. Remember to research each source carefully too, and decide if their terms, condition and work is right for you specifically.

The benefits of working with a niche agency

If you are interested in working in the medical and legal fields and have the skills, then we highly recommend looking for specific agencies that can better filter your skills and help you meet clients that need your services. If you are keen to work in the property and building industry in the UK, contact Property Typing today as we are looking for more dedicated typists to add to our skill pool.

Agencies allow you to use their already built reputation as leverage. They already have clients eager to work with them. You will, of course, have to be able and willing to prove yourself up to their entrance criteria, but by doing that you have access to already vetted and reliable clients in turn. Providing you keep stringently to the required deadlines, you have all the benefits of their existing infrastructure- like our nifty client portal, for example- and them watching your back for dispute resolution and to ensure you get paid.

Large-scale freelance platforms

Another great place to start looking for transcription jobs is on the larger freelance platforms, which offer established ways for clients to connect with workers. However, you lose a lot of the personal touch here as they provide no client-vetting services and anyone can post jobs through the platform so you will need to do independent research on the client before agreeing to work with them. Chances are, too, you will have to pay a small commission to the platform for taking work through them. However, you will have the peace of mind that the platform itself is a solid one, with an established history of pay-outs to workers, and some dispute mediation services too. While it’s riskier than working for an agency like Property Typing, it’s another safe way to start establishing a reputation and meeting clients, without all the risks of classified sites, which often offer predatory scams in the work from home section.

Now you know where to look for transcription jobs, and some of the options open to you for typing jobs from home, you’re all set to work from home in safety. Why not get in touch with Property typing today, and harness the flexibility and convenience of this work for yourself? Our clients are waiting for your great work.