Are you hoping to streamline and improve the efficiency of your business practices, leaving you free to enjoy the fun things in life without losing out on work and income? With the launch of the Property Typing portal, we’re perfectly poised to help you make the very best of your workload- and take a little time off to relax, too.

Inefficiency is the number one reason you find yourself fighting hectic deadlines or working late nights- not your actual workload or your business. Expert business analysts have identified 4 key areas in which many businesses simply lack productive focus. With our special niche in the building surveyor industry, Property Typing can help you solve them all, leaving your business more organised and efficient.

  1. Getting the help you need

Admin is a key part of every business- yet can just as quickly also take the title of number 1 largest non-income-producing activity done in your office. Time which you could be spending with the family, or generating more business, quickly gets wasted in compiling reports, fighting through your daunting inbox, and other small, necessary, but draining tasks. Meanwhile, tasks which require your special expertise get left undone.

Not with Property Typing on your team, however! Banish the admin blues for good. Let us- and our typing portal- revolutionise the way you handle report creation in your office. Using your collected data, and even templates you have created to ensure uniformity and brand identity across your business documents, we will help you delegate those time-eaters to our team, leaving you free to focus on the core expertise of your business.

2. Managing your workflow accurately

Do you know how you spend your time? We’re all guilty of allowing tiny little moments of wasted time to snowball into large chunks of our day, wasted on pointless emails and watching the latest vines on YouTube. Keeping a proper workflow- and taming the mindless little time-sinks that eat into it- is a critical part of making your building surveyor business more efficient.

Admittedly, we can’t be there to monitor every moment of your working day and help you eliminated wasted effort in favour of positive forward movement. However, by delegating your report typing to Property Typing you will have already optimised a large portion of your day. And, through the Property Typing portal, we’re always accountable to you for how we’re spending the time on your job.

Our easy-to-understand typing portal allows you to instantly communicate with your typist, add notes and other information, update templates and more. And you will be able to monitor the progress of each open item with us through the ‘Jobs’ tab of the typing portal, right until it is delivered to your inbox to check and download.

With the admin load off of your mind, you’ll be able to stay focused, productive and working at maximum efficiency.

3. Use the digital space smartly

The ‘cloud’ is more than just a buzzword… it’s a tool that can help you revolutionise the efficiency of your building surveyor business. Having important documents at your fingertips and ready to use no matter what device you are operating on is an invaluable way to save time and effort. Why race around frantically trying to work out which file is loaded on which device, or downloading something used regularly over and over again, when you could have it all centralised in the one place? It just makes sense.

The Property Typing portal gives you the perfect opportunity to do this with any and all source files that your typist will need. No more delivering large files through random services like Dropbox. No need to spread discussion of the work over a confusing email chain. Simply hop on to the typing portal, create your new job, upload your files and you’re ready to go. Your typist will receive everything in one place, and you can alter files as needed too. Sensible, streamlined, simple cloud collaboration is a few clicks away.

4. Effective, open communication

Communication is key. It may sound trite, but it’s also true. That’s why centralised communication strategies are critical to improving the efficiency of your building surveyor business. Especially in a larger practice, it doesn’t help if some important details are being delivered one way, while others are given differently. This is a recipe for disaster, ensuring that people get left out of the loop, important details are missed and you waste considerable amounts of time trying to coordinate details that could be condensed and delivered in one place.

This is the exact reason we created the Property Typing portal in the first place. Alongside serving as your one-stop upload solution for your raw materials, the typing portal is also perfectly positioned to facilitate communication with your typist. It will keep all commentary related to a specific job clearly associated with that item, allow easy back-and-forth chains, and give you the peace of mind of knowing that a single trained, high-quality typist is handling your work start to finish.

Improved productivity is always the smart choice. Small tweaks are all you need to start the journey towards a better, more efficient use of your business time. Are you ready to take your first step to better, more effective solutions in your building surveyors’ office? Sign-up for the Property Typing portal here, and let us revolutionise the way you do business today.

With our typing portal at your back, and these 4 strategies you can learn from it ready to implement in your office today, you’ll soon be reaping the benefit of improved efficiency for your surveyor’s business.