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Introducing the NEW Property Typing PORTAL


Your exciting introduction to our new typing portal- streamline your workday for good! If there’s one ethos we believe in here at Property Typing, it’s that we’re here to help our dedicated building surveyors work smarter, not harder. It’s this same innovative thinking behind the launch of our brand new typing portal, the number one [...]

Dictation, apps and you: let the new Olympus dictation app make your surveyor workload smaller


Would you like to make your business day simpler? The power of dictation apps like the Olympus dictation app to make your workload as a building surveyor considerably easier and makes this app a must-have app for surveyors everywhere. Today the Property Typing team takes a closer look at how dictation can revolutionise your business, [...]

Are you a home typist? Where do you source your jobs?


Do you accept typing jobs from home? Are you perhaps looking to expand your sources for work? Property Typing- your number one source for reliable transcription jobs in the UK property industry- has the following advice for you. How do I narrow down the many transcription jobs out there? Typing jobs from home seem to [...]

The ins-and-outs of the British building survey


The change from the older Full Structural Survey to the Building Survey has caused a little chaos and confusion among industry professionals and homeowners alike, but the change is actually pretty simple. As your local specialists in all things property related, here’s Property Typing’s guide to the Building Survey (and when you need to use [...]

What type of building survey do I need?


Are you looking at buying or selling a property? Then chances are you will need to get at least one building survey done to comply with local U.K law. Here at Property Typing, we’re well versed in all the different types of building survey and building survey reports that exist here, so keep reading for [...]

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