Would you like to make your business day simpler? The power of dictation apps like the Olympus dictation app to make your workload as a building surveyor considerably easier and makes this app a must-have app for surveyors everywhere. Today the Property Typing team takes a closer look at how dictation can revolutionise your business, the power of the Olympus company, and how to make this novel new app work for you.

Why do people use dictation apps and machines?

The modern workforce is all about working smarter, not harder. Your aim is to increase productivity and output, without adding another rod to your back or extra stress to your day. While dictation machine technology has been around for decades, it’s this drive to achieve more in less time that has inspired the ‘new dictation revolution’, resulting not only in traditional dictation machines becoming popular once again, but also a wealth of dictation apps- such as the Olympus dictation app- hitting the market.

A dictation app or machine allows you to skip the need to take manual notes. It may sound simple, but we feel this alone should net dictation tools a permanent spot in any must-have apps for surveyors list. Not only are you spared the need to write notes or type in a cramped, non-ideal space, you have the benefit of being able to vastly improve your recall through the ability to hear your own voice and better remember the circumstances around the notes you made. Not only does this allow you to create smarter, more in-depth reports for your clients, it makes it easier to share communication with third parties- like your Property Typing specialist- who are assisting you in the process. The notes created are unambiguous, clear and easy to access and share.

Why a dictation app like the Olympus dictation app is the number 1 must-have app for surveyors

Think about it for a moment. While some of us do love old-fashioned pen and paper for our notetaking, most of us find it just another set of tools to juggle. And even if you love the feel and look of handwritten notes, chances are they are just aides memoire for you personally- because while everyone’s handwriting says a lot about their character (if crime novels are to be believed), chances are no one else enjoys having to decipher it! Even you’ve probably had a memorable moment of squinting at your paper, wondering if that’s a ‘c’ or an ‘e’. Not to mention the fruitless time wasted as your admin help communicate back and forth with you while you try to decipher it together. Worst of all, however, it’s this ease-of-misinterpretation that can lead to sloppy mistakes creeping into your work, leaving you looking unprofessional and incapable.

Of course, the digital revolution took care of some of the worst of that for us. While word processors certainly tidy up the look of your notes and make miscommunication less likely, how practical is dragging yet another delicate device like a tablet or a laptop on to site for you, as a hardworking building surveyor? PCs and other devices are great in the office- not so much as you crouch in a damp nook examining foundations! That’s why any search for ‘apps for surveyors’ will throw up a ton of note-taking apps for the phone, as well as dictation apps like the Olympus dictation app. After all, your phone is the one gadget that has to come with you anyway- why not make it work harder for you while it’s there? Note apps are certainly useful on site- but it’s not always practical to type on a small on-screen touchpad with grime-smeared fingers. Far easier to just speak, and let the dictation app do the hard work for you.

Who are Olympus?

Olympus have long been held as the premier company in any and all matters related to dictation. After all, they’ve been the preferred suppliers for specialist industries such as medical, law enforcement and legal professionals since 1919!

Olympus specialise in optical and digital technologies, providing top-end medical systems, digital cameras and other scientific equipment alongside their dictation ranges. UK-based and internationally loved, with notable high standards, they continue to lead the pack in all things dictation related. They’ve built their name providing excellent customer services and innovative product solutions you can rely on.

What dictation options does Olympus offer surveyors?

Alongside their brand-new Olympus dictation app, Olympus still offer a broad range of dictation solutions for the office and the field, and any hardworking building surveyor is bound to find the perfect match among their product offerings. Olympus’ portable dictation machines embrace three classic models- the DS-2600, the DS-9000 and the DS-9500, each wi-fi enabled and offering a range of features to choose from. If you’re not sure an app is for you, then this is the way to go.

Their ‘RecMic’ range, available in 4 models, is designed to integrate seamlessly with your desktop machines, provide a great solution for in-office dictation with robust design and noise cancellation built in. There’s also a range of accessories available to expand the repertoire of the devices and make your working life even simpler.

What about the Olympus Mobile Dictation App?

When looking for the right app for surveyors, many free solutions fall flat due to a lack of security. The Olympus Mobile Dictation App makes use of enterprise-level security features to help keep your client’s sensitive data safe. Files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption and transferred directly through the dictation portal for communication directly to your dictation specialist. That’s us here at Property Typing.  Not only does this allow seamless dictation, but it also ensures a safe and secure transfer from your phone to our ears, maintaining client confidentiality all the way. Currently the app is available for iOS and Android rollout is already in the works. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/olympus-dictation-for-iphone/id695465151?mt=8

Dictation allows you to keep your business streamlined and efficient and facilitates easy communication with your Property Typing team. The Olympus dictation app is a stand-out among dictation apps for security and ease of transfer and is a definite must-have app for surveyors across the United Kingdom.