So you’ve set up an account with Property Typing and uploaded your dictation, ready to have your report created. Now what? Today we take a closer look at how your uploaded dictation file becomes that report you hand your client, and everything you need to know about the process in between, for your peace of mind.

Why we launched the portal

We may be in the Digital Age- but that doesn’t mean everything works seamlessly! ISPs throttle you, email services tell you the files are too big, hosting sites give you atrocious load times trying to get cash out of you- sometimes it’s just a hassle to send larger files on the internet.

Audio files tend to be on the large side because they’re storing a lot of data in that file, for added accuracy. Audio dictation is by far the most convenient way for you to store your notes, but you have to get them to us at high quality too! Plus, depending on the report you’re needing, you may need to send photos, logos and much more- all of it pretty hefty in size. 

We decided we needed a cohesive, easy-to-use way to streamline submission for you. With the customary Property typing touch, we had the portal designed- and the rest is history!

What can I do with the Property Typing Portal (and how does it help me?)

The typing portal isn’t just a way to submit jobs to your typist, however. It’s a way you can keep track of every single job that you’ve submitted to us, as well as track its progress. You’ll also access your completed report, work history with us, account balance and invoices, all conveniently online. 

You can upload and update templates you want us to use, as you keep your brand consistent across your work. This is all saved to your overall ‘profile’, enabling you to assign it to any new jobs you submit. In this way, you and your typist stay on the same page despite you working remotely. No possibility for misunderstanding or confusion!

The portal will also serve as your primary way to contact your typist, and because it’s always online, you can check things at your convenience- even when we’re out of the office or it’s late at night.

So what is the process from upload to download?

It’s all well and good to say ‘use the portal’, but what does that really mean to you? Let’s take a look at what happens between you loading a job and downloading your report.

As a once-off sign-up, you need to create your account with us using a convenient email. You can make your account by following the ‘create an account’ option on our webpage if you haven’t already. You enter a name, email and password, and you’re in! We recommend our clients bookmark the page for instant access later.

Once logged in, you’ll see a selection of pages open to you on the top right. When you create a new job, you want the ‘jobs’ tab. Fill in the easy details, and use ‘add files’ to upload anything that needs to be sent to the typist, such as your dictation files. Don’t hit ‘create’ or close the page immediately! That blue bar you see is showing you how far your files have uploaded. When everything is finalised, click ‘create’ and you’ll see your job queue up.

If this is a report you make use of often, you can also save it as a template. In the future you won’t need to remake what you just did- you can just click ‘templates’ and use it again. If you have any comments directly to the typist, you’ll add them on the page after ‘create’. Their replies are emailed directly to you, and you can converse from there.

Need to follow the progress of a job? There’s a status bar next to your created job that will tell you what’s going on. When the job is completed, it will leave this page entirely (don’t panic) and appear on your ‘closed’ tab instead, so the open jobs page doesn’t get too messy. At the same time, you’ll get a ‘view job’ notification in your email you can click to take you to your finished work. Download it, check it and approve it, and you’re done!

Simplifying remote work

It couldn’t be simpler to get the results you need quickly and efficiently. You can monitor your job every step of the way, and receive the completed report easily, too. If it’s easier for you to work at night (perhaps when the kids are in bed), you’ll still be able to communicate as effectively with your typist as if it were daytime. Likewise, it doesn’t matter when they work, you’ll always be able to receive, upload, check, approve and alter jobs at the time most convenient for you.

From uploading your dictation files to the download of your finished report, Property Typing has made the process as sleek and easy as you could ever imagine. You have full control over the end result, without having to put in the time-consuming typing to get there. You’ll be able to concentrate on what you love, while we take the weight off of your shoulders for good. Keen to get started? Why not create your typing portal login today, and take advantage of our half-price trial?