Photographic Schedule of Condition Report Preparation Services

100’s of photos that need inserting into a document??

Send us a link to your labelled photographs either using Dropbox or any other cloud storage link and we can produce you a neatly labelled, high quality photo schedule of condition report.  We can insert the photos 2 per page, 4 per page or 6 per page depending on your requirements into a neatly laid out Word table which can be saved as a PDF or inserted into another document as an Appendix.

* Photos can be 2 per page or 6 per page portrait orientation or 4 per page landscape orientation. Please note photos must be clearly labelled with the required headings in the order required or they will just be inserted in alphabetical/numerical order. Any other amendments, editing or additional labelling will be charged at the hourly rate for the time taken.

Sample Report


30pPer Photo
  • i.e. 60 photos inserted for the standard hourly rate of £17.50*


£75Per Month (recurring subscription)
  • for unlimited photo schedules, unlimited photos *