RICS Homebuyer

However you want them produced… we are the Homebuyer report experts…

The most widely used of all residential property reports, these RICS standard short form surveys can be typed in a number of different ways. 

ISURV The most common is using the online ISURV Worksmart software created by the industry governing body – RICS.  This online system allows our typists to log into a surveyor’s account and type directly into an online form producing pre-formatted and standardised reports easily and efficiently.  Surveyors are able to load their own standard paragraphs directly or use the pre-loaded RICS paragraphs available on the system.  When the typing is completed, we will notify you so you can log in and check the report through before issuing via email to the client. 

We also type these reports using the Andrew Dyke Software for Surveyors which is a macro based Word document template, allowing the Homebuyer “traffic light” symbols and summary sections of these reports to be quickly populated. 

Quest TypingQuest (Landmark) is another online system used by surveyors and Building Societies enabling surveyors to receive Homebuyer instructions directly to their inbox, send progress updates and return completed reports to their clients.  These also include the RICS-prescribed or Stephen Mika’s (Survey Text) HBR Phrases, to speed up the report generation process.  To access these Quest surveys, an additional license needs to be purchased for each user – so often people prefer to use one of the more flexible options above.

Some surveyors opt for the simple Word document template version of the RICS Homebuyer Report where our typists simply type into a Word file and manually copy and paste in any standard paragraphs and ugoreport-brandpdate condition ratings and summary pages by hand. 

GoReport, a revolutionary new report creation platform are the latest addition to the RICS approved products.  Take your ipad to site and make site notes, take photographs and record dictation into the standard Homebuyer sections.  Property Typing can then log into your account and type up your survey, meaning the report could be ready for checking and publishing before you even get back from your site visit!

Whatever you choice – Property Typing are fully trained and experienced in ensuring your Homebuyer Report is prepared just the way you want it!