Schedule of Condition Typing Service

Schedules of Condition produced without any defects…

Schedules of Condition are frequently used by Party Wall Surveyors, often members of the Pyramus and Thisbee Club and are generally typed in a tabular format either incorporating photographs or with a photographic appendix. 

Usually dictated on site whilst carrying out the survey, our typists know how to efficiently transcribe and populate these detailed schedules.

We can supply you with a bespoke template if you don’t already have one and include your logo etc.  The three columns are usually element, description, condition and you can have extra columns for photo references or the actual photograph.  If you want us to insert the photos for you – no problem!

Schedules of Condition can be a bore to carry out – so save yourself the time and trouble of typing them up yourself and just dictate using your Iphone Olympus app on site and hit send to Property Typing instead of waiting till you get home.