Are you considering whether dictation automation software is right for your building surveyor practice? Property Typing offers an innovative, ground-breaking alternative to fully digital systems like BigHand 3 and Qmobile, giving you all the benefits ( and none of the downsides) of these innovative dictation-management solutions.

Why do people use dictation automation software?

Dictation is a highly valuable tool for the busy surveyor. Taking notes by hand is slow, time-consuming and can introduce unintended errors. Not to mention that working in cramped, dark conditions makes physical recording almost impossible. It’s far easier to vocally record your notes and aide-memoires, allowing you to work seamlessly and without added burdens while on-site. There are other noted benefits to dictation, too, most especially the ability to re-access your notes at whim with all of the original atmosphere present. How things are said can matter as much as what was said, after all! Humans are creatures of nuance, and sometimes it matters that you can re-access the original work with ease, refreshing your mind as to the circumstances the note was recorded under.

But at the end of the day, a voice note is still a note. You’re going to need to take the information recorded and re-work it to something easily accessible, and in line with industry standards. That might be as simple as file notes, or as complex as submitting the final report to the consumer. Without a way to capture the data and re-interpret it to the format needed, the voice note is, itself, without much value. Digital automation software seeks to take mere dictation and recording a step further, offering other options to render the dictated note into the end format with ease.

What is BigHand 3?

BigHand 3 is another tech-era innovation for those looking for simple dictation solutions. It allows you to share, prioritise and track your voice files. They allow recording on a variety of devices, too. The promises of BigHand Dictate are certainly great- you can use the recording software to take your notes, and then use intelligent speech-to-text algorithms to convert that spoken word into notes. It’s pretty easy to use, but even the software manufactures do admit that technology has its limits- they still offer a (paid) option to refer your dictation to living, breathing bodies to ensure the best accuracy around.

What is Qmobile?

Not to be confused with the noted Karachi-based manufacturer of budget smartphones, QMobile in the dictation world has a totally different meaning. Designed primarily for the medical arena, it seeks to offer smart options for practice management, including the ability to take voice notes. The ‘one-click’ recording option has made it of great note for those interested in digital automation software. It also offers some nice all-in-one features like accessing schedules, tap-to-call, patient records and other task management options. They’re limited to iPhone users, however.

Is dictation automation software like this really worth it?

As dictation automation software goes, both of these industry giants do offer some practical, attractive benefits. There’s one thing they still miss, however- and that’s the human touch. Our digital overlords have come very far from the days of punch-card computers and 8kb of onboard memory, but many of the most notable limitations still apply. Voice-to-text speech recognition programs are a million times better than the first-gen software of these types, but they still lack native intelligence. The dictation automation software can only work within the limitations of its programming- and those limitations don’t always manage to cope with the real world. Things like your own accent, speech idioms, grammatical errors caused by an active mind concentrating on a task, and even issues like background noise can still have a profound effect on the results you get. And when you’re busy on the road, in tiny crawlspaces, or trying to make sure your work is efficiently done, you can’t guarantee perfect conditions. 

What does Property Typing offer that these programs don’t?

Imagine you could access all the benefits of fantastic programs like QMobile and BigHand 3, and skip the downsides entirely. You don’t have to imagine anymore! With the Property Typing team on your side, you have a full suite of human, intelligent administration automation in your pocket. 

Real people, with our impressive human mind power and ability to work around audio imperfections with nuance and intelligence, are available to you on demand. With our customised portal open to you 24/7, you also have the ability to instantly store, record and automate your work just the same as any dictation automation software. You’re able to communicate instantly with your typist, pass files on with ease, and are free to use any method of voice recording that suits YOU rather than being confined to someone else’s program or interface. Regular tasks can be automated with ease, you’re free to work with your chosen assistant for all your tasks, and you can fully customise the layout of your reports to your exact needs. From automating your standard admin to ensuring intelligent, flexible handling of your special jobs, your admin needs are handled seamlessly start-to-finish.

Property typing and YOU: the perfect digital partnership

If you’re sick of battling to find the perfect dictation automation software, why not add the human touch back into your workday? You’ll lose none of the benefits of instant communication, and gain so much more as well. With decades of industry experience, Property Typing know the industry inside-out and are perfectly placed to help you create a seamless experience for all your dictation-to-typing needs.