A large proportion of my clients are new start ups – surveyors who previously worked for larger firms and have taken the giant leap into self employment as sole practitioners. They have all the experience required, the qualifications and the IT tools.. but the one thing they won’t have brought with them from their previous company is the secretarial support that would have been on tap. Independent surveyors don’t want the hassle of staff, but also don’t want the laborious task of typing up reports for themselves, so remote digital dictation services offer them an outsourced and flexible solution that saves them time and money.

Property Typing uniquely only provide typing services to building surveyors and property professionals, a truly bespoke transcription service. We are able to guide start up surveyors on the best way to produce their RICS Homebuyers, explaining the available options, be it using ISURV, GoReport, Andrew Dyke’s software for surveyors or Quest. Our dedicated typists are able to prepare stand out Building Survey templates tailored to reflect a surveyor’s branding and style of reporting. We offer advice on use of standard phrases within Word documents and how to offer their clients the best value home surveys without scrimping on detail.

Independent surveyor Typing

With our flexible tiered pricing, surveyors can pick and choose their rate depending on how quickly their report is needed. Our standard service is within 24 hours which suits most deadlines, but we also offer same day turnaround typing and a longer 2 day turnaround for non urgent reports.

Party Wall surveyors also benefit hugely from a flexible outsourced typing service, being entirely dependent on their Dictaphones to record the condition of a building during the inspection. The photographic record can also be incorporated easily – Property Typing have templates that easily convert photos into the right size and format for inserting into a documents without creating excessive file sizes.

With decades of joint experience in producing RICS standard building surveys, Homebuyers and Schedules of Condition, our UK based property typists know the language of building construction and ensure a unbeatable standard of service to stand alone surveyors and larger firms.