Here at Property typing, We’re always striving to give you, our customer, the very best possible experience. It’s about working smart, not hard, after all! That’s why we launched our innovative Property Typing Portal, helping to keep you, your work and your typist in constant, synchronised communication. What difference does the portal make in your digital dictation? Keep reading to find out!

How is the Property Typing Portal different from other dictation software?

Firstly, the Property Typing Portal isn’t quite an actual piece of dictation software- rather think of it as the specialist answer to streamlining and smoothing the process of digital dictation to an outsourced typist. 

You already know how efficient and conscientious our typists are. And you’ve probably worked out exactly the combination of dictation software and other digital dictation media you need to make your notes perfect every time, in a manner that suits your work and needs. The only field left to optimise is the part in between- getting your notes from your recording device to your typist with the same smooth, hassle-free process.

Can’t I just send it on email? Or through other means?

Despite living in a thoroughly digital age, you can’t always guarantee that smooth process working on native infrastructure alone. Although in order to cater to all our clients and their changing on-site needs, we at Property Typing do often receive files by email and other methods, you’re at the mercy of external factors when you send these. ISP’s can be glitchy, slow or even throttle you. Email attachment sizes can be capped. Hosting and file transfer sites offer piteously slow loading times. Cellular telephone data can be speedy, but pricey to burn through. In short, it’s a pain. So what’s a smart building surveyor to do?

Sending your (sometimes large) digital dictation files through these messy, fragmented channels certainly isn’t it. Especially if you happen to need to send a lot of mixed media, such as images or photos with the audio file. A cohesive, smooth flowing and reliable solution is needed- and that’s exactly what the Property Typing Portal provides.

So, what exact benefits does the Property Typing Portal provide when getting my digital dictation to you?

So, what difference will the Property Typing Portal make to your life? Let’s take a look.

  • You can track every job you log: As soon as your files are uploaded to your corner of the Property Typing Portal, you’ll be able to track progress on the job. 
  • Create templates for your typist: Help keep your documents cohesive and unified, and your typist on the same page as you, with your template library you create. Assign previously-used templates to any job in the click of a button.
  • Direct communication with your typist: Message your typist directly, and keep the information flowing between you.
  • No office hours: The portal is open for use 24/7, so you can send (and receive) jobs whenever it’s convenient. 
  • View everything in one spot: From reports and job history to invoices and account balances, it’s all in one place for you to easily access
  • Fast, accurate file sharing: No more struggling with services like Dropbox or email… just upload in one click. 
  • Extra confidentiality: With third-party programs and hosts removed from the equation, you know that your confidential documents are safe in trusted hands.

When it comes to getting your digital dictation from your dictation software to your typist, there’s no better solution for a smooth, efficient and trouble-free experience than the Property Typing Portal

Do I have to pay for this service?

No. The Property Typing Portal is just part of the value-added services we offer at Property Typing. You’ll create an account with our service on first use. This is the email we will use to communicate with you going forward. Once this is done, we will create your account, complete with all security protocols. You can access the ‘create an account’ option from our website. Simply click the link, and follow the easy instructions. Once you’ve entered your name, email and chosen password, you will be taken directly to the portal page. Be sure to bookmark this for the future, too.

I don’t want to use the portal!

Although the Property Typing Portal really is the smoothest solution to creating and monitoring your jobs, we understand that some may not want to (or be able to) use it. We do also accept jobs by email on our dedicated email address. 

Remember, however, that if you opt not to use the Property typing Portal, we don’t have much control over the upload and sending process on your end, nor over the reliability and speed of your email hosting ISP. This may lead to delays in the speed you receive uploading the files to your email in order to send them, or delay you receiving your job slightly. 

With a very shallow learning curve and no drawbacks, the Property Typing Portal simply is the smoothest, easiest route to a seamless digital dictation outsourcing experience between you, your assigned typist, and the rest of the Property Typing Family. Why not take the plunge, and try out the Property typing Portal for your next job? We can guarantee you’ll never go back to other, clunky dictation software solutions. 

Property Typing, the portal and you: the perfect combination for a faster, better, outsourced property typing experience.