Transcription jobs from home are booming in the UK- the only question is whether you’re getting your slice of the pie! If you’re wondering if typing jobs from home may be right for you, keep reading- Property Typing has all the information you need.

What is a home typing job in the UK, anyway?

‘Typing services from home’ is a broad category into which several different categories of typing job fit. However, they all have one specific thing in common- the ability for you to work from the comfort of your home, with the flexibility to schedule your day around other needs you may have. There also isn’t any huge bars to entry, such as the need for specific degrees. You should be able to type accurately and with speed, be willing to work, and have solid access to both a PC and a good internet connection. This simplicity and ease of access makes it a particularly tempting style of work for those with chronic health conditions that block them from a typical work environment, or stay at home mums who need to balance the demands of raising their little ones with a need to bring in an income and keep their CV looking fresh and attractive.

Transcription jobs from home typically involve working with audio files. You will need to listen to the recording, and accurately transcribe every detail of what you hear. This should be done clearly, with proper formatting per the client’s needs, and will sometimes require the use of timestamps and other ways for the end client to synch what you have typed with their original audio file. The work is typically varied and interesting, covering anything from podcasts to archives and university lectures.  Data entry is the process of looking at a piece of media and retyping it into the format needed by the customer.

How much will I make with a typing job in the UK?

A lot of factors will influence how much you can make with typing jobs from home. How fast you can work, how quick your turnaround time on each piece is, whether you are a beginner or an expert typist, and the sheer volume of work you can handle will all influence your take-home pay at the end of the day. Expect to earn around £15 on average per hour of audio you transcribe. The beauty of offering typing services from home is that you have no lengthy commute [or commuter fees to pay], utter flexibility in your workload and working hours, and the freedom to become financially independent. You also can avoid the often unpleasant realm of call centre work, which is not only pretty gruelling but needs a quiet and peaceful background too. The benefits of steady home typing jobs in the UK are manyfold provided you are working with a reliable service provider, so it’s well worth considering breaking into the work-from-home market.

What will I need for typing jobs from home?

You will, of course, need a steady and reliable home PC. Preferably you should be using a keyboard that offers a dedicated number pad to make your entries both more accurate and easier on you. You will also need access to widely-used data processing programs like Excel and Word. The more tools you have- especially if you are looking for transcription jobs from home here in the UK- the more work of different forms you can take on. Ensure you have a comfortable, relatively private space to work in too, for your own mental wellbeing and to ensure you work at your best.