There are a growing number of transcription jobs from home in the UK– and Property Typing is even searching for new faces to join our team, too! How do you know if this is the right choice for you, however? Today we take a closer look at the issue.

What are transcription jobs (from home) in the UK?

‘Transcription’ may seem a little bit of a vague term- that’s because it rather is. You’ll be taking a range of source materials from the end client, and turning them into neatly typed, formatted and spaced reports (according to the specific guidelines they provide) that are free of error and ready for them to use in a range of tasks. It’s this sheer range of possibilities that adds extra interest to the job. We specialise, of course, in a property-related niche, giving a lot of the work we do some homogeneity, but there’s always variety in what you’re doing, ensuring you never get too bored and jaded.

What are the pros to transcription jobs from home in the UK?

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to working on transcription jobs from home in the UK. We strongly believe, however, that the pros far outweigh the cons- but only if the work is a match for you. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Flexibility is yours.

It doesn’t matter what your life circumstances. Maybe you need to bring in a little extra income around your main job. Maybe you have kids who demand your attention through the day, and you need to be free to break away from your work and resume it later. Maybe you just like working at night. With transcription work, it really doesn’t matter. You aren’t totally free, of course- you will have an ultimate deadline you need to meet- but provided the work pitches up on time, no one cares how or when you worked on it.

  • You can be your own boss

Obviously, this doesn’t quite mean you can do as you want- you will need to conform to the client’s requests and keep them happy, if you want the work to keep coming in. However, there’s a lot to say for not having to great a boss every day, listen to them blame you for all their mistake and bad decisions, and take the credit for all your hard work too. You stand or fall on your own behaviour, and are acknowledged for the quality of your own work. Keep it error-free, on time, and high quality, and you are made.

  • Transcription jobs from home in the UK don’t require restrictive entry requirements

There are many hardworking individuals who find it difficult to get work they are well able to do because they lack formal qualifications. Is that you?  Well, there’s good news- working a transcription job from home in the UK needs very little investment in equipment (you can start with a laptop and an internet connection) and you need no formal qualifications to get a position. You will simply have to demonstrate timeliness, dedication and an ability to precisely and discreetly follow instructions. You will also need to be able to self-motivate yourself to meet deadlines.

  • You can set your own income (mostly)

We will be honest- you are unlikely to make your fortune with at-home typing. However, you can bring in a steady stream of income you have some flexibility to fit around your needs. Property Typing clients can ask for the same worker who has handled their work before, so if you do a conscientious and precise job, your reputation will help your net more clients. If you will be away a week, you can choose to not accept work during that time, and pick up again for the net. It’s a flexible income stream you can make work for you.

  • No commuting or travelling required

Sick of missing most of your life as you race up to work and back down again? Not even sure when last you spend quality time with your partner? Not if you work a transcription job from home in the UK! Work from the lounge, from the kitchen, outside on the patio- no one cares. As long as your work is good and timeous, you can even work from your bed! You communicate with the client through the internet and our client portal, so you truly have the ability to work whenever, wherever.

What are the cons to this work?

Doesn’t it sound wonderful? We may be biased, but we love the flexibility, openness and ease of working of transcription jobs from home in the UK. Of course, nothing in life is perfect, so let’s look at a few of the potential downsides, too.

  • Any work eventually gets monotonous.

This is relieved, to a degree, by the changing subject matter you will be working with- but let’s face it, eventually even the best job in the world gets boring. Here is where you will need your ability to motivated yourself and keep disciplined if you are going to make a success of this work- and that’s where most people drop out. Without a boss chasing them, they can’t keep up.

  • People get scammed if you don’t pick a reputable service provider

Don’t just take the first transcription job from home you are offered in the UK! There are many scam agencies out there. It’s a good reason to work with a reputable agency like Property Typing, instead, so that you know each client has been vetted and that you will receive payment for your work. Always remember that ‘pay to work’ scams are exactly that- scams. Money should never change hands imply for you to work.

  • Life is full of distractions

Linked to our first con, life is a vibrant experience and your brain is going to tell you all about the many things you wish you were doing…. right as you rewind the diction recording again to listen to the same detailed report again. You’re going to need that discipline and motivation if you’re going to keep focused on your work and meet your deadlines- do you have what it takes?

Does it sound like transcription jobs from home in the UK could be right for you? Why not get in touch with the Property Typing team today, and take the challenge?