Are you considering taking on private typing jobs or audio transcription jobs from your home? Then we at Property Typing have all the information you could possibly need. Today we look at the merits of audio typing jobs, whom they would suit, and whether a home on the Property Typing team is right for you- we are currently hiring, after all!

What are audio typing jobs from home, and why would I want one?

Audio transcription jobs from home are booming right now, as with most transcription-based work. Audio typing jobs are, in fact, one of the major niches in the overall transcription work category. Instead of working with on-paper notes, however, you will receive audio files which it will be your responsibility to convert to properly formatted, concise and sensible written form according to the guidelines of the job. Accuracy is critical, as is the ability to work quickly and follow instructions to the letter.

Besides your native skill, however, there are no major bars to taking private typing jobs. You typically will not require formal educational qualifications of any sort. Provided you are happy and willing to work, can deliver results speedily, and can accurately transcribe the audio to written form in the format needed, you could find a good niche in audio typing jobs. Better than anything else, in doing so you have the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you choose, fitting the work around your life rather than vice versa. No special equipment is needed- just access to a PC and an internet connection that won’t let you down.

Who would an audio transcription job working from home suit?

Obviously, there is a very broad category of people who would find the flexibility and demands of an audio typing job from home to suit their needs. If you have young children, health conditions which make a formal work environment difficult to navigate, or any other need to work to your own hours, this well could be an amazing fit for you.

Audio typing jobs are slightly different from other forms of general transcription work, however. You will need to work with utmost accuracy, ensuring that all details you hear are correctly recorded. The needs of the client and the end document form will drive how this transcription is done, so you also need to be able to follow instructions properly. Timestamps may be required, depending on the work and whether the end client will need to match your work with their original audio in any way. The variety of work is enough to keep anyone interested, although at Property Typing we specialise in assisting Surveyors with their typing and admin needs.

How much can I expect to earn with private typing jobs?

Of course, there’s a lot of variables to this question. Firstly, the faster you work, the more pay you will be able to earn. The quality of your typing [in particular, how error free it is and how closely you can follow instructions and expectations] and the volume of work you are able to tackle will affect your earnings.

The real beauty of your earnings, however, is that they come free of the need to commute or spend money on transport. Add to that the ability to set your working hours and adjust your volume of work to the needs of your schedule, and you are very close to unlocking your financially independent future through audio transcription jobs from home.

The only work even remotely comparable to audio typing jobs is call centre work. However, private typing work comes free of the intense pressures of call centre jobs and does not require you to work with a headset in a quiet place. A steady audio transcription job shines in convenience, flexibility of hours, kindness of schedule and lack of the need to interact with the public.

Is it expensive to begin an audio typing job from my home?

Not at all! Chances are you already have what you need. Your PC will need to be reliable and up to the job, of course. Ideally, it should be a full laptop or desktop system, using a keyboard with a separate number pad to make the work easiest on you. Typically you will be working with fairly standard software, although the more forms of software you are comfortable with and able to access easily, the more audio typing work is likely to be open to you. Lastly, even if you are working around young children’s schedules, be sure to create a workspace that’s quiet and conducive to working for your own mental wellbeing.

Audio transcription jobs from home can be the answer to your working woes. Not only are there no educational barriers, but infrastructure is simple, payment decent if you’re working with a reliable partner like Property Typing, and it’s even easy to meet your tax obligations. You will simply work as and register as a freelancer. In what other lines of work can you fully control your workload to suit your needs, yet have the peace of mind of knowing there’s always work to be had? Couple this with the fact the work is fully remote, with no long commutes to face, and the fact you are full your own master with a flexible schedule that works around other needs, and you have a winning formula.

Have we raised your interest in audio transcription work done from home? Property Typing is a well-established agency offering audio transcription jobs to hard-working, conscientious typists. Choose your hours, work with flexibility and enjoy your life while still filling your bank account- contact Property Typing today and join our go-getting team.