Remote working is the new name of the COVID-19 game. If you were not used to the unique challenges of remote working before the global health crisis hit, it’s probably been rough trying to get yourself back on track. Property Typing’s remote typing services offer you the perfect way to simplify your workflow as a property surveyor, banishing many of the remote work hiccoughs and oopsies others are suffering, and put your focus back on your work. Here’s how!

Finding your feet doing remote work

Remote work for property surveyors isn’t as easy as it is for some industries. After all, physically going to the client’s site and looking at the property is a key component of what you do! Yet you absolutely have to revolutionize other aspects of how you work- be it partners not coming into a centralised location daily, coordinating a ‘front desk’ who sets your appointments with you getting to them, making sure clients can contact you despite office closures, or just suddenly finding most of your work has to be transacted digitally. There’s also the small- but critical- matter of figuring out how to keep work and home life balanced when both now blend seamlessly into each other.

Firstly, please do take a moment to check in to your common on-site health protocols. Your health is at stake! It’s easy enough to toss a mask and some hand sanitizers in your car and ensure all clients remain distant from you during your inspection. You and your health matter most of all! Now, it’s time to work on shortening your appointments without losing quality.

Work smarter, not harder

Depending on how you usually take your notes, it may be time to embrace digital dictation. There’s a host of great software out there to help you along with top-quality, crisp audio. Even a plethora of phone apps!

Dictation simplifies (and speeds up) on-site working hugely. You’re not wasting time transcribing your own words to some fixed form of notation. You can literally just move through the property as you perform your inspection, speaking your notes out loud and ready to access later on. It’s like having your very own PA in your pocket- but with no salary or overheads to pay.

It’s always been a convenience, especially for jobs like property surveying, where you may find yourself in a tight crawl space or a dark nook just as easily as in the open. In this weird pandemic era we’re living in, it’s a necessary facet of safe, sanitary working practices. Both you and your client benefit. You can get your job done faster and smarter with no loss of quality. In the meanwhile, they have a stranger on the property and in their ‘bubble’ for a shorter time at less risk to themselves. 

The only potential downside of audio notes is transcribing them afterwards, as that can be lengthy. That’s where you bring in a remote typist to lessen the load and ensure you don’t have to work harder, just smarter!

Remote typists will make sure your reports look great

With Property Typing on your side, all you’ll have to do further is pop the dictation up onto the Property Typing Portal when you get home, and kick off for the day! Once the dictation has been submitted to your remote typist, you can forget about work and enjoy some quality of life. From the convenience of the portal, your typist will be able to pick up all of the work you need doing. They will also have access to any instructions, work templates or other requests you need them to use. From there, they will work their magic. Within our swift turnaround time, there will be a perfectly formatted report for you to approve, ready to send on to your client. No hassle, no fuss- can you say ‘simplified workload’?

The benefits of centralisation when remote working

While your remote typing service has already taken a huge burden off your shoulders doing this, there’s even more reasons to celebrate! As well as clearing away that messy, uncertain ‘when does work actually end’ feeling from remote working life, there’s another huge benefit to enjoy: centralisation

This is significant enough for a one-man firm that’s suddenly found themselves remote working, but it’s critical if there’s several of you involved in the company, and even more so if you all have different roles to play in your workday cycle. This was one of the hardest things for companies that did not have remote working policies in place pre-2020 to cope with, in fact! 

You have to create a system whereby all of your employees can access needed items so they can work productively. That in itself is hard enough. Add in the need to make sure individuals can’t access classified or sensitive information, or even just inappropriate information, without hampering those who do. The results of a failure in these systems can range from irritating and inefficient (two of you phone the same client for the same information) to reputation-damaging (none of you phone the client at all) right to disastrous (the client’s private documents are handled inappropriately).

Our remote typing service can’t streamline every part of the workflow process for you, but we sure can make it easier! With the Property Typing Portal as your one-stop point of interaction with us, you have immediate (and centralised) access to every report your company sends to us. You can also control who accesses what on their login details. Here you will also find all your invoices, attached to the relevant jobs, so tracking cash flow becomes a breeze. Any necessary communication or notes for each job, including a progress update, are right there, linked to the job.

While remote working is never easy, especially if you’ve had to adapt to it in a rush, using remote typists to help you stay on track will benefit every aspect of your work. Why not let the skilled Property typing team look after you today?