Are you thinking of joining the team? Property Typing is always keen to expand our pool of digital transcriptionists for those looking for typing jobs from home. We have high standards, of course, but offer a wealth of part-time transcription jobs for those who are willing to provide the same quality to our clients that we’ve become known for. Here’s a little more about the job- do you think you’re up to the challenge?

What are transcription jobs?

Put simply, they are typing jobs (from home) which you perform on behalf of our specialised clients. You will take their source documents, follow their instructions carefully, and produce the final transcription job according to the specified needs, format and standards of the end client.

The ability to work from home is a dream for many of us. Whether it’s quitting the 9-5 rat race or finding a way to fit some income-earning activity around the demands of kids, health issues, sudden unemployment, or the need for a flexible schedule, typing jobs from home can be a great way to achieve your goals. All you need to start is a reliable internet connection and a laptop, after all. Property Typing will send you the work from our clients through our custom work portal, allowing you access to the client’s profile and needs structure directly. You will deliver the same way. Typically, you will be transcribing dictation for busy professionals, ensuring it matches their needs and format, is correctly spelt and error-free, before returning it for client approval.

How will a typing job from home benefit me?

As we touched on above, there’s a great deal of potential benefit to doing this form of typing work from home. Here’s just a few to consider

  1. You have your independence

Obviously, you will be working as part of the Property Typing Family, and will be working to the requirements of each client- but you don’t have eagle eyes watching your every move. No one cares how or where you work, just that the work is done error-free and delivered on time. Work from your bed, or from a comfy kitchen nook. Keep an eye on the kids as they play. There’s no one expecting you to perform under their eyes. This does mean that you will need to be responsible and able to self-motivate, of course, as it will be essential you deliver on time.

2. You have ultimate flexibility as you work from home

You need to adhere to your deadline, which will typically be 24-48 hours after you accept the specific job. Outside of that, no one cares when you work- just that the goods are delivered as needed. Need to work at night after your spouse can take over childcare? Prefer to work super early, or super late? Need to squeeze your work in between other tasks? It doesn’t matter… all you need to do is keep to your deadline. You’re free to work how you want and need otherwise.

3. Entry is simple if you are conscientious

Typing jobs from home can be very demanding in their own way. You need to self-motivate and stick to your deadlines, and you need to be able to work with discretion and supreme accuracy. You are not bound by the need to have formal qualifications, however, nor do you need an expensive set-up to get going. It may pay, depending on the exact specialist niche you carve out for yourself, for you to invest in some specialist software to help you, or opt for equipment like a dictation foot pedal for very intricate dictation jobs, but you can certainly work without them.

4. Income can grow as you require.

You probably won’t get rich on transcription jobs- but who has ever said no to hard cash coming in? The pay is decent for very simple, if meticulous, work. The faster you are able to turn over jobs, the more you can expand that earning potential, too. We work on the payment by assignment method, allowing you the comfort of knowing what you will receive for each piece of work you deliver. When clients are particularly happy with your work, they will be able to request you work on their delivery again, too, so you will have a chance to let your work speak for you.

5. Skip the commute

It’s bad enough you need to work a 9-5 job… spending hours getting there (and home again afterwards) can be a very bitter pill to swallow. Not if you are working from home, of course! Skip the rat race, and find yourself sipping coffee on the patio as others are cramming into sweaty summer tube stations.  Spend more time with your family, and less scrabbling to even get to work, by taking some transcription jobs. Even better? You’ll be saving money on commuting costs too.

6. The work is more interesting than most

Of course, discretion is necessary in this industry so you won’t be able to mindlessly gossip about your work- but it’s certainly more interesting than the average job. While we do specialise in a niche industry, you will be performing a wide variety of tasks across a range of clients, so there’s always something to make life a little more interesting than it would be sitting in a cubicle all day.

There are, as you can see, a lot of benefit to taking transcription work here in the UK. Why not consider joining the Property Typing team for yourself, and see if you have what it takes to make a name for yourself in this fulfilling field?