The future is now, as they say! With Millennials now ageing out and Gen Z entering the workplace, don’t you think it’s time your practice took advantage of the many time-saving principles the modern age has brought us? Today Property Typing takes a closer look at smart ways you can keep your property surveying firm solidly in the tech age. With COVID throwing a spanner in everyone’s works, we’re facing uncertainty across a range of industries, and the property sector is not immune. Smart digitisation is the best way to stay competitive and healthy despite the crisis.

There’s no need to be intimidated

For young workers entering the job marketplace, they’ve never known a time without tech. They’re used to the entire environment around them being tech-fueled and a seamless part of their life. Adapting to post-COVID work-from-home channels has been easy. For older generations, it can be a lot more intimidating. There’s surveyors still working today (and far from retiring) who’ve seen their job change from pencil and paper to fully digital in the span of a decade, after all!

It’s very tempting at that point to stamp our feet and say ‘kids these days’ and continue to try to do it how we first learned it- but that does ourselves and our property surveying firms a huge disservice as well as risks our health. Why work hard instead of smart? Let tech carry your burdens so you can get back to a life (and a job) you love doing. Imagine you could ditch your expensive office space, save overheads, and work remotely without impacting your efficiency in the slightest? Not only will it keep you and your team safer in the global health crisis, but it will improve your bottom line too.

It does need a bit of an adventurous spirit to rise to the challenge instead of ignoring it- but with those same fresh, excited eyes, you’ll find a wealth of ways to get ahead of competitors, stay relevant, and relieve the burden on your shoulders. Who wouldn’t love that?

Check-in with tech

So the first ways to improve efficiencies in a property surveying firm is to make sure you’re on top of all the modern software and hardware that can help you. It’s surprisingly easy to digitise surveying firms. 

There is, of course, a host of updated ‘smart’ equipment to help you in the field, and software to process your results. Where once a huge amount of your work time would be spent on manual processes, you now have tech to help you get it done faster.

For example, a well-chosen estimating software will make calculations for you, quickly allowing you to access figures, and makes pricing and estimation easier. Duplication is avoided, and a mere copy-paste instead of days of extra work. Digital instruments can record figures so you’re not fumbling with a pencil in dark spaces, and the precision of digital instruments is undoubtedly better than previous.

Smart outsourcing simplifies your day

That’s not to say your role has gotten easier, however! The uncertainties of the lockdown cycles, the global pandemic and more have made it difficult to plan for what’s happening tomorrow, let alone next month.  In the meantime, you’re working when you can, and the admin is piling up.

In the rush to improve efficiencies in your property surveying firm, it’s easy to get too caught up in feeling the pressure. You’re a property surveyor, after all, not admin, reception, lawyer, scientist, doctor and advisor as well. You do your best when focusing on your expertise. 

This is where ‘working smarter, not harder’ becomes key. Why not assemble a team of experts to handle these other areas, while you maintain focus on your practice? Without having to maintain the costs of a huge office and extra staff at a time when the economy is unstable and difficult to predict? Why not, instead, focus on making smart use of remote working technologies to keep your experts safe, cut down on overhead costs by ditching the office altogether, and outsource the rest to professionals without carrying the full costs yourself?

In fact, you’ll probably find you save money and work less despite the crisis! 

Outsourced Property Typing keeps you operating at your smartest

Here’s where outsourcing tasks to a professional typing agency like Property Typing will most benefit you. We have the expertise to help with your contracts, reports and other key administrative issues. With simple back-and-forth communication (you’re always in charge of what your firm needs) that’s already been digitally streamlined, we can easily shoulder this burden so you don’t have to. Our talented and experienced team will get your work done professionally, maintaining your firm’s high profile, while you focus on the next skilled task on your to-do list and staying safe. We can easily adapt to any volume of work, and you can add and reduce services as needed. Simply pay less when you need less! It’s easier to budget for, and reduces your admin overheads significantly too- no need to pay benefits and a salary to specific admin personnel who may not have been needed 3 weeks out of 4 each month even before the crisis. No need to run a dedicated office space for people to work from, not knowing when COVID could come knocking on your door because of someone else’s bad judgment, or maintaining stringent health protocols day in and out at your own cost.

Combine smart tech investment with sensible use of outsourced admin and typing, and you have the perfect recipe to digitise your surveying firm. Improved efficiencies and a great boost to your own productivity level await, as you’re freer to concentrate on your specific skill set instead of slogging through all the related admin. Smarter use of your budget, tighter bottom lines, and better use of you and your staff’s time? The ability to adapt to online and remote work with no hassle or fuss? What could be better than that?

With a forward-thinking, proactive and hardworking team like Property Typing on your side, the future is your oyster- don’t you think it’s time you got in touch? Our helpful team is waiting to hear from you today!