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Who are RICS and what do they do?

If you’re planning on buying a property in the United Kingdom, you’ll run across mention of ‘RICS’ sooner rather than later. As one of the UK’s top typing services specialising in property, Property Typing is uniquely placed in that we work closely with the men and women who form the body of RICS-qualified surveyors, and [...]

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What is a structural engineer’s report (and do I need one)?

As one of the UK’s leading property typist, typing and dictation services, Property Typing are fully experienced in all nuances of the building industry in the Isles. This means that we see many structural engineer reports daily- in fact, we help the skilled professionals that perform these site surveys create them! Today, we’re taking a [...]

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How to purchase the right digital dictation machine and software for dictating property reports

Dictating property records? The right digital dictation machine is critical for you We at Property Typing are firm believers in the power of the digital dictation machine to assist our building surveyors in the field. Taking the need for note-taking and potential misinterpretation right out the field, the modern dictaphone allows crisp, clear audio [...]

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Introducing the NEW Property Typing PORTAL

Your exciting introduction to our new typing portal- streamline your workday for good! If there’s one ethos we believe in here at Property Typing, it’s that we’re here to help our dedicated building surveyors work smarter, not harder. It’s this same innovative thinking behind the launch of our brand new typing portal, the number one [...]

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