Do you need reliable typing services in the UK, but don’t feel like dicing with high London prices? Then you’ve found the right spot for you! Property Typing is the specialist typing service you need, offering London quality at a fraction of the cost.

What are Typing Services in the UK?

Typing services may sound like a vague term, but that’s simply because of its flexible, tailored approach. The business world is built on a bevvy of documentation, and nowhere is that as clear as in the property industry. From building surveys to the endless sea of bureaucratic forms that cross your desk daily, chances are you’ve felt yourself drowning in a sea of paperwork long before now.

What if we told you you didn’t have too? A typing service like Property Typing takes all the hassle of administration away from you, freeing you up to concentrate on the core values of your business. From surveys and reports to anything else you need typing, we can help you get back on track and meeting your goals.

Let Property Typing take up the load

Let’s be honest. Few of us are born orators, public speaking probably makes you sweat, and many of us are just plain uncomfortable with putting our words to paper in a formal style too. Especially when it comes to something as important presenting reports and surveys to clients and registering bodies alike. You’ve mastered your job, and you have all the technical know-how you need to let all the interested parties know exactly what’s needed… yet being asked to set them down mindfully, being careful of the rules and regulations, and dotting every ‘i’ while crossing every ‘t’  just feels like being back at school doing homework again. You don’t want to waste your time and skill fighting with paperwork- you want to be out there feeling the passion for your work that brought you into this field in the first place!

Yet, those forms, reports and surveys aren’t going to write themselves! That’s where services like Property Typing step into the breach. We handle the paperwork so you don’t have to.

All the quality you need, at the price you want

Our team of dedicated typists are hand-picked to exacting standards, too, so your valuable and important work won’t be being handled by just anyone. Our typists are all UK-based, so they’re fully cognizant of local standards and linguistics. They’re also skilled professionals with extensive experience in the property industry, so they’re well used to handling jargon, technical terms and the other complexities that come with the specialised niche. You’ll have the chance to interact directly with your assigned typist through our revolutionary customer portal, and should you particularly love the service they give (which we are confident you will), you’ll be able to have all your return business handled by the same team.

Won’t this cost me a lot?

We know that typing services in London have a reputation for steep price tags. After all, adding ‘London’ to anything seems to be a cue for prices to treble! Don’t worry, however… despite the fact we run one of the best typing services in the UK, we charge only fair prices for the work, without the London ‘extra’. You’ll receive the same high-quality work at a fraction of the price… and with the fast turn-around that has become our hallmark.

How do I know if I want to use your service?

We know that building trust takes time- and that’s why Property Typing is happy to offer our unique half-price trial offer for you to test the waters. No obligation, no contract and no fuss… just a fast and efficient typing service here in the UK that’s proud to stand behind our years of experience and let our track record speak for itself.

We believe in the personal touch, so don’t imagine that using our services means you have to accept a cookie-cutter approach. We will use your templates, letterheads and other media to help craft reports that are as personalised as they are accurate.

What typing services in the UK do you offer?

Property Typing is your property-industry specialist, able to assist you with typing the following:

Don’t see your needs on the list? Don’t assume we can’t help! Simply get in touch to discuss what you’re looking for. We also offer a host of ‘tidying’ services like copy typing, inserting diagrams and photos into existing documents, bespoke report creation and general reformatting/editing needs.

Quality, dedication and fast turn-around times are the name of the game at Property typing- all without the steep London prices! Why not give us a call today and take advantage of our half-price trial offer? We know we’ll see you back as a regular soon! We’re proud to offer some of the very best typing services in the UK, so why not put us to the test?