While there was a time when work from home jobs were just for mothers to earn some cash on the side, it’s no secret that economic times are hard all around. Many of us have considered what part-time jobs could help ease the strain on our wallets- but was a part-time typing job on your list? Today the expert team at Property Typing takes a look at exactly why this seldom-considered work from home opportunity may well be perfect for you.

What is a part-time typing job, anyway?

Outsourcing is the name of the game in modern business. After all, why should a business carry the costs of staffing a department that’s critical when you need it, but not in daily demand, if there’s a more efficient and cost-effective solution? Administrative tasks like report compilation, converting digital dictation files into end documents, keeping call logs and other records and more are all key business tasks every company needs.

However, in smaller businesses and one-man practices performing these tasks takes away from income-generating activities. Likewise, the smart men and women who are skilled in their own particular niche may not be as comfortable with the written word and its own skill set. In the past, their only option was to suck it up and do it anyway or employ a person to handle this aspect for them. In doing so, these companies were forced to extend all employee benefits mandated by law, for a position where the person may well be very underworked.

Enter the evolution of outsourcing administrative tasks as work at home, part-time jobs. The company’s win, because they no longer need to carry heavy administrative staffing costs or have unproductive members on site daily. And you win- because part-time typing jobs offer you a smart way to bring in extra income, or even find a fulfilling new career for yourself. The range of part-time typing work available means you can find your own special niche- like the building-focused work we do here at Property Typing- and have a constantly fresh, changing body of work to keep you interested and motivated.

Can a part-time job really be successful?

There’s a myriad of reasons a work at home part-time job opportunity may be perfect for you. You may want to find productive employment, but be hampered my medical of physical conditions. You may need to care for small children, and must have the flexibility to take a few minutes to attend to childhood squabbles without a disapproving boss breathing down your neck. You may need to take some time away from the formal work environment, but want to keep your CV looking fresh and appealing for the future. Or you may love an existing job, but need to bring in some extra income for daily life or to save for a special event. No matter the reasoning, a part-time typing job offers you the chance to have it all.

What are the requirements for a part-time typing job?

This is also a field where a lack of fancy higher education will not hamper you. Most entry-level part-time typing jobs require only that you be willing to put in work, have access to a laptop and a steady internet connection, and can type accurately without mistakes while meeting deadlines. Some more complex digital dictation work may benefit from specialist programs and equipment to help with timestamping and increase your speed. The bulk of part-time digital dictation work requires you to listen to audio files and commit every detail of what you hear to a document. You will need to follow your client’s instructions regarding formatting, and accuracy is of prime concern. Sometimes clients will request timestamping or other markers to match what you’ve typed with the original file- it will depend heavily on the end client’s needs. Part time typing jobs can be very niche- like our own work in the property niche, or medical transcription- or very broad-based, so there’s always something to keep you engaged and interested.

Will I earn a lot with a part-time typing job?

Your earning capacity will only be limited by the hard work you are willing to put in. Remember, just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can goof off and coast! While one of the primary draws of this type of part-time job is that you have full flexibility to shape your hours to suit yourself, clients will still expect you to meet their deadlines and take their work seriously.

How much you make will depend on how fast you can deliver your work, the kinds of turnaround times you offer, your expertise in the field and the amount of work you are able to take on. Currently, most successful digital dictation jobs will net you around £15 per hour of audio transcribed (not per hour you work, note). Plus, of course, the work at home nature of the position saves you hefty commute costs, childcare and more, so there many ‘hidden’ financial benefits too.

Aren’t work at home jobs mostly scams?

By far the majority of part-time typing jobs offer steady, legitimate work, but it is important to give careful consideration to the matter when choosing who to work with. Most part-time jobs in this niche are best sourced through well-established agencies like Property Typing so that you don’t have to chase clients yourself and can instead concentrate on getting your work delivered.

Does a part-time typing job sound perfect for you? We’re recruiting, so why not get in touch with Property Typing today and see if you make the cut? We look forward to you joining the team soon!